Weight-loss tricks come in many shapes and sizes: cleanses, intermittent fasting, outrageous diets.

But when it comes to keeping your weight in check, there’s just no getting around the surefire formula of regular exercise and a nutritious, whole-food diet. No shortcuts have ever proven to work better.

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In fact, since the 1990s, it’s been widely published and accepted that the ideal way to lose weight is a perfect brew of diet and exercise. And while there are plenty of gym hacks and exercise strategies to make your fitness regime tougher and more effective, what weight-loss tricks can you get through dieting? What easy, comprehensive eating methods can help you shed pounds quicker?

There are countless hacks, tricks, and tips that can speed up weight loss by helping you eat less, make better food choices, and get started down a healthier path. Adjust what you stock in your pantry, alter your meal scheduling, and manipulate your serving sizes to lose that holiday weight as fast as possible. Here are 20 ways to lose weight without the gym that’ll help kickstart your fat-loss journey.

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