Whether you’re already in the trenches of dropping those unwanted pounds or just getting around to your New Year’s weight-loss resolution, you’ve probably already hit a few roadblocks. Sugar cravings, hunger pangs, and the constant temptation—whether it’s during the holidays or at a tailgate—to eat fattening foods can all get in the way of building a beach-ready body. But they don’t have to. Meeting your weight-loss goals doesn’t have to be so hard.

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Studies have showed that 25.6% of Americans are physically inactive, and 31.3% of American adults are obese, and everyone gains at least a couple of pounds over the holidays. Limiting what you eat and when can go a long way to cutting down on your own weight gain. Starting new exercise routines can help as well, as long as you keep them up—most people who resolve in January to exercise regularly wind up giving up the resolution within a few months.

So it’s time to embrace the hard work of dieting and exercise. Here are eight tips and tricks to help you fight hunger cravings and speed up your weight-loss goals.

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