Today’s fitness enthusiast demands high quality products from reputable companies. Fads and trends come and go, but good stuff that works will endure. That’s why we put together this list of our nine favorite fitness picks of the week.

Want to lose weight? We’ve got you. Looking for quality supplements, vitamins, and proteins? They’re right here. Want to learn to box? Take advantage of infrared technology? Soothe your aching feet? Get your body into gym gear that looks as good on the street as it does in the studio? We’ve got all that and more.

Just check out the names on this list:

  • Born Tough
  • Noom
  • FightCamp
  • Care / Of
  • Higher Dose
  • Tread Labs
  • Naked Nutrition
  • Ora Organics
  • Boombod

From gear and apparel to classes and diet plans to vitamins and supplements, there’s something for everyone on this list. But it’s more than just the usual suspects. FightCamp will set you up with all you need for a home boxing gym—then give you access to hundreds of training sessions so you can learn the sweet science in the comfort and privacy of your own home, at your own pace. Tread Labs makes outstanding, doctor-approved, semi-custom orthotic insoles designed for every kind of foot. And they’re guaranteed for life—you just replace the top covers every couple of years.

Noom takes a modern approach to weight loss, teaching you not just how to eat better or get you started on a fitness regimen, but guiding you every step of the way so that you change your behavior, not just your patterns or diet. Higher Dose takes trendy infrared light therapy and gives you the option to take advantage of its healing benefits in your house. And there’s so much more.

So check out our favorite fitness picks of the week, and get fit today.

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