On Instagram, fitfluencer Louise Aubery appears to have it all, which is to say the 20-year-old student eats real food (including dessert!) and still has abs:

In a recent post that received more than 12,860 likes and 460 comments, Aubery shared side-by-side photos that show how much different poses can affect your appearance, regardless of your fitness level. On the left, she pops her booty. On the right, she clenches it:

“Yes, I work out,” she wrote in her caption. “Yes, I eat healthy. No, I do not have a perfect body.”

In an e-mail, the Paris-based college student said she’s not shooting for flawless, anyhow. Her goals have changed since she first began working out to lose the weight after gaining 20 pounds from starting hormonal birth control and giving up gymnastics and dance to study for college entry exams.

Reaching her fitness goal led her to question her motives: “When you achieve the body you want, and you realize it doesn’t make you any happier, you realize there is so much more that comes into play — like truly accepting your body,” she wrote.

Now that Aubery has stopped chasing perfection, she works out solely because it makes her feel good — one reason why she looks so smiley on social media. “I get that we all want to show ourselves in the best light on social media,” she wrote about her side-by-side post. “But I feel like it’s necessary to show the ‘normal’ and even ‘bad’ light to help deconstruct the unreachable standards that have been set by social media.”

She hopes her transparency will help others come to terms with their own figures. “If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t enough,” she wrote, “know that you are.”

From: Cosmopolitan US

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