Meghan Trainor’s gone on record saying she didn’t mean to become a poster girl for body positivity, but with a debut single like “All About That Bass,” it was kind of inevitable. The song and its lyrics (“every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top”) became an anthem for women. So when Trainor dropped her single, “No Excuses,” earlier this month — and revealed she’d dropped 20 pounds along with it — eyebrows were raised. But the pop star’s quick to let people know she lost weight “the healthy way,” based on a newfound love of exercise, not a desire to be a certain size. Here’s the 411:

Meghan’s fiancé “changed her entire life.”

Trainor got engaged to Spy Kids actor Daryl Sabara last December, on her birthday, and she credits him for teaching her to take better care of her body. “He taught me how to cook, and he taught be how you can feel better if you eat healthier and exercise,” she gushed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

She worked hard, even when she didn’t want to.

The physical changes are obvious, but Trainor said there were mental ones, too. After repeat surgeries on her vocal cords, she went into a dark place. Still, “[when Sabara] was like, ‘Wanna work out?’, I was like, ‘No — but OK,'” Trainor said in an interview. She got over that hump and now works out nearly every day. “I’m obsessed with it; I’ve never felt better.”

Her favorite workouts are insane.

No, really: Trainor’s virtual trainer (she uses his DVDs), Shaun T, is famous for creating a video series called Insanity. His new program T25 takes only 25 minutes to do, perfect for Trainor’s busy schedule. She called the workouts — which focus on something different every day like cardio, ab intervals, or total body circuit training — “amazing.”

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She never runs out of these five foods.

At the start of her weight-loss journey, Trainor revealed what’s in her fridge to SheKnows, admitting, “I’ve been eating clean.” She stocks up water and lemon (proven to aid digestion when drunk in the morning), celery, and turkey and chicken — two of the leanest meats.

Meghan’s doing this for her future.

“One day we’ll have kids,” Trainor reasoned in a E! News interview. “I want to be the healthiest I can be for those kids.” The singer’s only 24 years old, and while she says children aren’t on the radar for another five years or so, it’s a sentiment we can get behind.

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