McCormack Innovation, working alongside strategic partners including the University of Dundee to develop the world’s first soluble medical dressings that will dissolve in seconds when immersed in water, has signed a significant supply agreement to the Yemen.

The agreement will see hundreds of thousands of units of soluble medical organisational tape supplied to the country, with the focus of the product in treating malnourished children (for attaching feeding tubes etc).

A first of its kind, McCormack Innovation’s soluble medical tape can easily be removed from sensitive or damaged skin without touching the patient or the dressing and thereby greatly reducing patient trauma.

The product’s uniqueness rests in its ability to dissolve in water. There are several methods to dissolve the tape; it can be submerged in water for a short period of time where it will detach itself from the skin without any need for abrasion. It can also be removed in the shower or with a fine spray of water and leaves no residue.

Brian McCormack, Managing Director, McCormack Innovation said:

Having received interest from a leading medical company based in Sana, Yemen for our medical dressings to be delivered to this war-torn country, we were humbled to be able to help in this humanitarian crisis and provided the initial order of 1100 units free of charge.”

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Click below to watch a video of McCormack Innovation’s soluble medical dressing:

This announcement follows McCormack Innovation’s recent news of its Fine to Flush certification for its soluble medical wet wipes.

Fine to Flush is the new official standard identifying which wet wipes can be flushed down toilets safely.

McCormack Innovation is recognized as a Global Game-Changer and market disruptor with a suite of novel soluble materials for the medical and personal care markets.

The Scottish-based, award-winning, innovation company has developed, what can only be described as, revolutionary technology for the future use of disposable wipes and Point-of-Care medical testing kits & consumables.


McCormack Innovation

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