Losing those last few pounds in time for shirts-off season is never easy. If you’re looking to boost your metabolism and get as trim as possible before summer, we found five top-rated fat-burners you should try before it’s too late.

From keto-friendly products that help you reach and sustain ketosis fast to natural herbs like green tea, there’s something here for everyone who wants to trim up. We’ve included the lauded amino acid L-Carnitine, as well as an all-natural laxative that will help you flush away waste more efficiently. Bottom line: any of these products will safely, naturally help you lose as much flab as possible before summertime rolls around.

But not by themselves. There’s no “magic bullet” when it comes to weight loss. Make sure you’re still working out and eating right. Going to the gym daily? Great! Biking to work? Good for you! Even the occasional treadmill session is better than nothing.

Over the years Men’s Journal has given you plenty of ways to trim your body. From four-week workout regimens to advice on making the right lifestyle choices to seven rules to start seeing results in just five days, there are plenty of ways to go about getting trimmer in time for summer. Augment those plans with a stack of the right metabolism-boosting supplements and a solid multi-vitamin, and you’ll soon be well on your way to being proud to take your shirt off in public.

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