If anyone knows a thing or two about long and lean legs, it’s the Radio City Rockettes. (Have you seen their kick line?) The leggy dancers have been wowing crowds for nearly 100 years, and there’s no secret to their success: These ladies just work ridiculously hard.

There’s no time for weak legs in the Rockettes’ jam-packed schedule — especially when their Christmas Spectacular show is in full swing— which is why dancers like Lindsey Howe, who has been a Rockette for 13 years, rely on three moves to keep their most prized possessions toned, stretched out, and in tip-top shape all year long. Here, Howe shows us how we can do these moves at home.

Before you begin: Holiday music isn’t required, but it’s definitely recommended.

Side Lunge Drag: Step 1

Begin with feet together, back straight. Lift and lunge to the side with the right leg, keeping head and chest up.

Side Lunge Drag: Step 2

Push off of the right leg and lunge to the left leg. 

Side Lunge Drag: Step 3

Push back up to standing while dragging the left leg in to meet the right leg and raising arms out. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Calf Stretch: Step 1

Begin with feet together, back straight. Step right leg straight behind, keeping heel on floor until stretch is felt.

Calf Stretch: Step 2

Be sure to keep heel on floor until stretch is felt and hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeat on left leg.

Knee Hugs: Step 1

Begin with feet together, back straight. Lift your right knee up, clasp leg, and pull to chest.

Knee Hugs: Step 2

Repeat with left leg.

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